I am interested in becoming an ARDINA distributor – what are the possibilities?2023-01-17T12:54:54+02:00

For many years, we have been a reliable partner for many leading international companies dealing with lubricants, automotive chemicals, fuel and engine oil additives, cooling systems and car care products.

We offer a complete, focused and well balanced product program based on more than 30 years of experience. We stand for exclusivity and an excellent  price/quality comparison of a brand with a wide range of premium products made in the Netherlands.

If you are interested in becoming an ARDINA Car Care distributor too, please enter your data in the contact form and we will contact you.

I have a special product requirement but I don’t see this product in the ARDINA product range. Is it possible to have custom car care products being produced under ARDINA brand for my local market?2022-09-01T16:59:26+02:00

Yes this is absolutely possible because of our private-label background. If you have certain requirements you can contact us directly with your request. Please note that custom products come with certain minimum order quantities. For more information contact us.

I don’t see an ARDINA distributor near me but I do want to order ARDINA products. What should I do?2022-03-16T14:17:27+02:00

You can always contact us with your questions or requirements. After that we will discuss the possibilities with you and help you further.

When I use Engine Flush before adding new motor oil to my engine, will this affect my engine’s seals in a negative way, as some oil flushing products are know to do?2022-03-16T14:10:03+02:00

No it will not affect your engine’s seals. The reason our Engine Flush does not embrittle your engine’s seals is because our product is based on oil, and not on a solvent as some competing products. Solvents can be corrosive and tend to affect rubber parts. Our Engine Flush is oil based so it’s not corrosive in any way and is compatible with all mineral, semi-synthetic or full synthetic motor oil.

Are ARDINA oil additives compatible with all motor oils?2022-03-16T14:09:10+02:00

Yes, all ARDINA oil additives, such as the Oil Treatment + MoS2 or the BORTEC Friction Fighter, are developed to be compatible with all engine types (gasoline/diesel/LPG) and all types of commercially available motor oils. They also won’t clog any filters and are not harmful to catalytic converters.

Some brands sell products for both gasoline and diesel engines. Does this actually work?2022-03-16T14:08:29+02:00

In short, NO it will not. A product which can magically be added to and treat both diesel and gasoline engine types is absolute nonsense. Gasoline and diesel engines work completely different. Due to the specific problem areas for each fuel type, the small tolerances and sophisticated technology in modern engines, a dedicated additive package is required. ARDINA products are formulated with the best in class additive concentrates to provide the best performance for both gasoline and diesel engines.

There are many sceptical stories about brands that claim a lot but when tested, the percentage of working additives is very low. How do I know ARDINA products contain enough additives that actually work?2022-03-16T14:07:48+02:00

Although we can not disclose the recipe of our additives, we can tell you that our fuel additives can contain up to 12% of working additives per bottle, ensuring the optimal cleaning results and mixing compatibitlity with the fuel, whether it is diesel or gasoline.

Will the effects of ARDINA fuel additives be noticeable directly after use?2022-03-16T14:07:27+02:00

This depends on the state of your vehicle’s engine. If your engine’s injectors are heavily contaminated with carbon deposits, your valves stick and are also widely contaminated with carbon deposits, you could notice the effects right away. If your engine is already clean, you can keep it clean by using ARDINA fuel additives and prevent problems. In addition, if you use our premium products such as the Diesel Detox Pro or the Gasoline Detox Pro, you also get other benefits as well.

For how many litres of fuel are the ARDINA fuel additives developed?2022-03-16T14:06:58+02:00

All our products contain instructions regarding the recommended dosage. All of our fuel additives are designed for fuel tanks ranging from 40 to 60 litres which is the most common fuel tank size. Some cars however, have a larger tank going up to 70-90 litres, or even more. In this case you can use more than 1 bottle.

How do fuel additives actually increase the efficiency or in other words, lower the fuel consumption of an engine?2022-03-16T14:03:57+02:00

By keeping the internal parts of an engine such as injectors clean, you ensure the best possible spray pattern so the air-fuel mixture in your cylinders is optimal which also means optimal combustion. This in turn means that less fuel is left unburned, which causes less carbon deposits and particals to be left behind in the combustion chamber. You also ensure that your valves won’t stick and will close properly so no air-fuel mixture can escape the combustion chamber before it is ignited. Therefor you use less fuel to get the same amount of power output from your engine, thus decreasing the fuel consumption.

Where can I find information about ARDINA products and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)?2022-09-01T17:06:48+02:00

You can find ARDINA product information on our website by searching for a particular product on the product page, where you can download our Technical Data Sheets (TDS) containing product information. If you need a MSDS, you can contact us directly.

How do I know which ARDINA product I should use?2022-03-09T12:09:07+02:00

We designed a table containing the most common issues or problems that occur at vehicles with a fossil-fueled engine. This table also contains the probable cause for a certain problem and which product we advise to use in a certain situation, either to prevent or to solve this issue. This table can be found here.


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