Gear Oils

Gear Oils2022-08-08T14:56:25+02:00
  • ATF CVT Fluid

    A fully synthetic high performance CVT fluid for use in the latest Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) gearboxes.

  • ATF Dexron III

    A high quality automatic transmission fluid based on special selected synthetic and mineral base oils

  • ATF Dexron VI

    ATF Dexron VI can be used for automatic gear boxes, power steering units, torque converters and other equipment. Exceeds Dexron III.

  • ATF LG6

    ATF LG6 is a fully synthetic high performance long life ATF for use in 6-speed automatic transmissions developed by ZF where a M1375-4 specification is required.

  • ATF MV 4+

    ATF MV 4+ is a high quality synthetic fluid developed with advanced multi-vehicle additives to serve a broad range of vehicles.


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