Diesel Additives

Diesel Additives2022-08-04T10:11:43+02:00
  • Diesel System + Injector Cleaner

    Diesel System + Injector Cleaner cleans the entire fuel system including injectors.

  • Diesel Anti-Freeze 1:1000

    Prevents diesel gelling/crystal forming at low temperatures.

  • Diesel Detox PRO

    Diesel Detox PRO is a highly concentrated diesel additive with multiple effects on your fuel system.

  • Diesel Stop Smoke

    Diesel Stop Smoke reduces smoke and emission of hazardous exhaust gases from diesel engines.

  • DPF Cleaner

    DPF Cleaner lowers the ignition temperature of accumulated soot which will speed up the regeneration process.

  • AdBlue

    ARDINA AdBlue can be used in all standard AdBlue systems to reduce the amount of NOx.


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