Leading edge technology in car care

ARDINA Car Care B.V., an independent manufacturer of leading edge high-quality products in The Netherlands, has been a reliable partner for years to many leading international companies involved in lubricants, automotive chemicals, fuel & motor oil additives, cooling system and car care products.

As the increasing worldwide demand for high-quality automotive chemicals puts greater pressure on suppliers in the automotive industry, it also offers new opportunities for companies, provided they have the expertise and flexibility to match the market’s requirements. Our highly skilled and qualified departments can identify your needs and support you not just as a customer but as a partner, going beyond industry and OEM requirements to provide better care.


Through continually investing in product quality and research & development, we provide technologies that result in products which work better and last longer while benefiting the environment.

Checking engine ECU


Through permanent quality control procedures we guarantee all processes live up to and exceed the high ISO 9001:2015 standards. This ensures high quality products and an unrivalled service level.


By providing you with a network of professional expertise regarding product knowledge & development, marketing & sales, promotional support and worldwide logistics.