Specialty Products

Specialty Products2022-08-19T11:48:37+02:00
  • Brake Paste Anti-Squeal

    Brake Paste Anti-Squeal is a premium quality anti-squeal and anti-seize paste containing a soft aluminum solid lubricant. Formulated to be used in extreme environments.

  • Dispensor pump for Hand Cleaner Pro

    Additional dispensor pump to be used for the Hand Cleaner Pro.

  • DPF Cleaning Kit

    The ARDINA DPF Cleaning kit is a cost / time-effective and sustainable cleaning method for clogged DPF’s. The kit consists of 2 steps, a cleaner and a flush.

  • Hand Cleaner Pro

    Hand Cleaner Pro is a powerful natural hand cleaner developed for resistant soils which also conditions the skin.

  • Sili Gasket Pro

    Ardina Sili Gasket Pro is a low volatile silicone gasket sealant for automotive or other applications.


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