Oil Additives

Oil Additives2022-08-08T14:38:05+02:00
  • BORTEC Friction Fighter

    BORTEC Friction Fighter is a high quality oil additive for low and mid SAPS engine oils without solid particles.

  • Ceramic Engine Protector

    Ceramic Engine Protector provides longterm engine protection and significantly reduces friction and wear.

  • Engine Flush

    Engine Flush internally cleans and flushes the engine from old oil before an oil change.

  • Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2

    Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2 reduces friction and wear and provides long term engine protection.

  • Oil Stop Leak

    Oil Stop Leak stops and prevents engine oil leakages through seals by swelling back seals to original size.

  • Universal Oil Stop Leak

    Ardina Universal Oil Stop Leak is an allround oil additive which can be used to stop leakage in engine and gear oil, ATF’s, power steering fluids and hydraulic oils.


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