In the beginning of 2022 ARDINA will launch a complete new look and feel. We will revise all the artwork and designs for our products. Not only will we redesign our product looks, we will also make some major changes to some of our products and to our product line itself.

Our fuel, oil and radiator additives will all get a new bottle design (more info below). We will combine the treatments and the cleaners (Diesel and Gasoline) and continue with only one more concentrated product per fuel type. That leaves room for other products, starting off with an Octane Booster, which will be added as a standard stock product.

New bottle design

Most of the additives, with the exception of the oil additives apart from the Engine Flush, will be launched with a new bottle design. Before the additives were filled in the recognisable silver PVC longneck bottle. This will be changed to a black PET bottle. The fuel additives will be produced in a smaller 150 ml bottle, whereas the remaining Radiator additives and the Engine Flush will remain 250 ml but also get the new black bottle design.

*Impression of the artwork, final design may differ from above impression

What does this mean for you as our client?

  • Lower component/production cost and therefor a lower price per unit
  • More concentrated formula, meaning higher efficiency and more results
  • Less solvent per unit, meaning less excise duty and less cost per shipment overall
  • Bottles that consist of PET instead of PVC, which is much better recyclable
  • Multi-labelling with more pages and room to include more different languages
  • Smaller cartons (12 vs 24) meaning less cost per carton, less space to store required and less weight to carry when handling
  • And all of the above means it will be better for the environment at the same time