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DPF Cleaning Kit

SKU: 68231

The ARDINA DPF Cleaning kit is a cost / time-effective and sustainable cleaning method for clogged DPF’s. The kit consists of three different steps, two of which are applied via a special cleaning gun. These fluids loosens, disperse and flush out soot, which will facilitate a full regeneration of the filter. The third step is a fuel additive (ARDINA DPF Regeneration Aid) which prevents future problems.


  • Loosen soot deposits in the diesel particulate filter
  • Facilitates complete regeneration Easy and quick to use
  • Prevents expensive replacement
  • Prevents repeated problems


Clean when required. Please refer to the product manual. Hardware not included.

Product sheet

DPF Cleaning Kit


Technical specifications


400 ml


Clear Liquid


Light Amber

Density g/ml @ 20°C


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