Cockpit Spray

Product Code: 68322
  • Cleans and protects synthetic parts from drying out and restores the new car look with long lasting result
  • Prevents synthetic parts from discolouration, fading and cracking due to direct sunlight
  • Improves sliding properties in rubber and plastic parts and keeps rubber from sticking
  • Does not contain silicone, is water repellent and anti-static to prevent the build-up of dust and dirt

Can be used on synthetic parts of the car like dashboards, bumpers, spoilers, mirrors an vinyl roofs. Also suitable for trucks, boats, home use etc.


Shake thoroughly before use. Spray in a thin film on the parts to be treated. Wipe the surface with a clean soft cloth. Do not treat the steering wheel.


To be used whenever required.

united kingdom flag icon Cockpit Spray, 400 ml (EN) (261.33 KB)

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