Brake Fluid DOT4

Product Code: 68209

ARDINA Brake Fluid DOT 4 is a high performance brake and clutch fluid with a minimum dry boiling point of 250 °C. Greatly exceeds SAE J1703 / J1704, FMVSS Nr.116 DOT 3 / DOT 4 and ISO 4925 specifications. Its high boiling point increases durability and safety. Provides excellent corrosion protection and rubber seal compatibility.


Suitable for all hydraulic brake and clutch systems requiring synthetic fluid of DOT 4 specifications.


Follow vehicle manufacturer’s instructions when adding or replacing brake fluid. Miscible with all other brake fluids of DOT 4 specification. Must not be mixed with silicone type or silicone ester type of brake fluids. Store brake fluid clean and dry. Avoid contamination with fluids of any other kind and do not refill the container. Store brake fluid in the original container only. Keep the container tightly closed to prevent the absorption of moisture. Do not spill on car lacquer.


Follow the service interval recommended by the car manufacturer. If no recommendation is given, it is advised to replace brake fluid at least every two years, preferably every year.

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Content 400 ml
Languages EN, DE, FR, ES
Packaging 12x400 ml
Pallet 98 cartons
Technical specifications
Appearance Clear Liquid
Colour Light Amber
Density g/ml @ 20°C 1,06

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