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Besides the exterior and interior care, your engine and cooling system also need care. Cleaning your engine can be difficult. But with Ardina car additives you can easily do it yourself. Additives mix with fuels, motor oil or coolants and gradually pass through your car. Then the inside of the car is cleaned, leaks are sealed and dirt and grime are removed. Ultimately, this results in better performance, lower emissions, more efficient fuel consumption and avoids expensive repairs.

Diesel and gasoline fuel treatments

The Ardina fuel treatments cleans and protects the fuel system. A clean fuel system keeps your car performances good. It increases compression, improves the performance, is anti-corrosion and facilitates the adjustment of the valves. But also removes (condensation) water from the fuel and reduces jamming of injectors. Ardina has created a complete range of fuel additives to prevent and fix engine pollution.

Oil system treatments

As with fuel treatments, oil treatments also ensure proper cleaning and protection of your engine. Which results in extending the life of both the engine and the vehicle. In addition to good cleaning and protection, car additives also help with stable lubrication and temperature resistance. This prevents wear and makes the fuel or oil resistant to extreme temperatures, such as frost and cold.

Cooling system treatments

The cooling system is a complex system of hoses, cooling ports, pipes and other essential (and expensive) parts such as water pump, radiators and thermostat. The cooling system is there to keep the engine at the correct (operating) temperature so that it performs at its maximum and lasts as long as possible. Deposits in the cooling/heating system form barriers to heat exchange, blocking thermostatic valves and control mechanisms. Too high engine temperatures make the engine work uneconomically, with high wear and high risk of damage. Cooling system additives help to clean and protect the cooling system.

Premium car additives

Ardina Car Care offers a range of premium additives, with the highest quality chemicals currently available. The advantage of these additives is that they tackle multiple problems in the fuel system and the engine in one go, or have an unique additive package that distinguishes it from the standard treatments. With these premium products you can be certain of the right service for your vehicle.

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Diesel Detox Pro

Highly concentrated diesel additive with multiple effects on your fuel system, DPF, turbo and EGR-valve, cetane number and engine efficiency.

Gasoline Detox Pro

Highly concentrated gasoline additive with multiple effects on your fuel system, octane level and engine efficiency.

BORTEC Friction Fighter

High quality oil additive for low and mid SAPS engine oils without solid particles.

Ceramic Engine Protector

Provides longterm engine protection and significantly reduces friction and wear.

Radiator Sealer & Conditioner

Easily seals your radiator leakage and lubricates your waterpump.

Engine Flush

Internally cleans and flushes the engine from old oil before an oil change.

Diesel Injector Cleaner

Cleans the entire diesel fuel system including injectors.

Gasoline Injector & Carburetor Cleaner

Cleans the entire gasoline fuel system including injectors.

Gasoline Treatment

Treats the gasoline fuel system including valves and injectors.

Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2

Reduces friction and wear in the engine and improves oil viscosity.

Oil Stop Leak

Stops and prevents engine oil leakages through seals by swelling back seals to original size.

Diesel Treatment

Treats the diesel fuel system including valves and injectors.

DPF Regeneration Aid

Lowers the ignition temperature of accumulated soot which will speed up the regeneration process.

Diesel Stop Smoke

Will help decrease the amount of smoke that comes from some diesel engines and reduces toxic emissions.

Octane Booster

ARDINA Octane Booster increases octane number and cleans the fuel intake system.

Oil Stop Smoke

Decreases excessive smoke emission and improves overall oil stability and viscosity.

Universal Oil Stop Leak

Allround oil additive which can be used to stop seal leakages in engine & gear oil, ATF, power steering fluid and hydraulic oils.

Radiator Cleaner

Effective cleaner for your entire cooling system.

Diesel Anti-Freeze 1:1000

Prevents diesel gelling/crystal forming at low temperatures.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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