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Top end engine rattle2022-04-15T14:50:55+00:00

Probable cause

Engine wear

Engine wear

Problem solvers

  • Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2

    Motor oil treatment MoS2 reduces friction and wear in the engine and improves oil viscosity.

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  • Ceramic Engine Protector

    Provides longterm engine protection and significantly reduces friction and wear.

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  • BORTEC Friction Fighter

    High quality oil additive for low and mid SAPS engine oils without solid particles.

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Poor cold starting
Heavy fuel consumption
Poor performance or acceleration
Stalling / Hesitation / Flatspots
Rotten egg smell
Pinking & pre-ignition
Wear of diesel fuel pump
Diesel knock / Cabin noise
Coolant leaks
Inefficient cooling/heating
High exhaust emissions
Blue smoke at start-up
Blue smoke when accelerating or changing gear
Black smoke (petrol)
Black smoke (diesel)
Blue or black smoke
Excessive oil consumption
Engine oil leaks
Low compression or oil pressure
Black sludgy oil on dipstick
Tappet noise / Sticking hydraulic valve lifters
Top end engine rattle
DPF warning light on
Clogged DPF
Clogged diesel fuel filter
Excessive noise /fuel consumption


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