Clogged DPF

Clogged DPF2022-08-24T11:01:29+02:00

Probable cause

High soot loading in filter, no regeneration possible

Problem solvers

  • DPF Cleaning Kit

    The ARDINA DPF Cleaning kit is a cost / time-effective and sustainable cleaning method for clogged DPF’s. The kit consists of 2 steps, a cleaner and a flush.

  • Diesel Anti-Freeze 1:1000

    Prevents diesel gelling/crystal forming at low temperatures.

Problem preventor

  • DPF Cleaner

    DPF Cleaner lowers the ignition temperature of accumulated soot which will speed up the regeneration process.

  • Diesel Detox PRO

    Diesel Detox PRO is a highly concentrated diesel additive with multiple effects on your fuel system.


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