How to clean diesel injectors?

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Diesel injectors are used to inject the fuel into the combustion chamber of the engine. The injectors are a crucial part of the engine. If problems occur with this part, you will notice this in the performance of your engine. Do you want to know how to clean diesel injectors? Read everything about how they get contaminated and what treatments you can use to clean diesel injectors.

What are diesel injectors?

As mentioned, the injectors are an important part of the fuel system. The injectors of a diesel engine are the last component through which the diesel passes before it is mixed with air and ignited under pressure. The injectors ensure that diesel is injected into the combustion chambers of the cylinder in the right fuel/air mixture and at the right time. It is therefore crucial to have properly functioning injectors.

How do the injectors get contaminated?

If you want to know how to clean diesel injectors, it is important to know how they get contaminated in the first place. Despite the fact that only fuel is fed through your injectors, there is a chance of contamination of the injectors. The diesel is first pumped through a fuel filter, but there is always a chance that minute particles will pass through the filter, which can cause deposits or clogging in the injector, which in turn causes the spray pattern to be disturbed. When the spray pattern is irregular and not as fine as it should be, a part of the diesel fuel can get left unburnt in the combustion chamber and cause even more contamination and deposits inside the engine.

Cleaning diesel injectors

Now you read about what diesel injectors are and they get contaminated, we will tell you how to clean diesel injector. A treatment with the Ardina Diesel Injector Cleaner provides:

  • Removal of carbon deposits from injectors and prevents needles from seizing
  • Reduction of corrosion and wear
  • Improvement of combustion with effective cleaning agents and a strong cetane improver
  • Decreasing in operational cost by lowering fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Reduction of engine noise
  • Reduction of hazardous emission exhaust gases
  • Improvement of starting performance and eliminates knocking under partial loads
  • Lubrication of the fuel pump with a highly effective lubricity agent

Besides cleaning the injectors, it also cleans the entire diesel engine system.

Now you know how to clean diesel injectors with our Ardina Car Care products.

Products to use

  • Diesel System + Injector Cleaner

    Diesel System + Injector Cleaner cleans the entire fuel system including injectors.


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