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Are fuel additives good for your engine?

Yes, fuel additives are very good for your vehicle’s engine. A well-maintained fuel system is very important for the performance of your vehicle. Fuel additives are good for maximizing your fuel efficiency, overall performance, lowering toxic emissions and preventing fuel system problems.

Different types of additives

There are different types of additives available on the market that are good for your engine, each with its own purpose. Ardina produces additives for fuel, motor oil and coolants. They ensure that e.g. the inside of the engine is cleaned, leaks are sealed and dirt and grime is removed.

Diesel and petrol additives

Ardina fuel additives are designed to clean and protect the engine. A clean fuel system ensures better engine performance which also allows you to drive more economically with less amount of fuel per kilometer.

Engine oil additives

The Ardina oil additives have been developed to improve the effectiveness of the oil and the lubricating film it should provide on places in the engine where friction between moving metal parts takes place. Lubrication problems can arise due to the use of lower quality oil, excessive use of oil or unfavorable driving conditions. The oil additives provide a preventive and restorative effect for an optimal condition of the engine and all its parts.

Cooling system additives

The cooling system ensures that the engine remains at a constant temperature. If the engine temperature is too low, the fuel consumption will increase, and if the temperature is too high, the engine temperature will eventually increase. That is why it is important to have a properly functioning cooling system. Deposits formed by dirt can form barriers to heat exchange, thermostatic valves and control mechanisms. Therefore, use Ardina cooling system additives to prevent or solve these problems.

Premium additives

In addition to these products, Ardina Car Care also offers a premium line of additives. These are formulations with the highest quality chemicals currently available on the market. These premium additives have the advantage that they tackle multiple problems in the engine and fuel system in one go.

So are fuel additives good for your engine? Yes! Fuel additives are there for different purposes. Each with their own advantages.

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