ARDINA Service

We offer our clients the best possible service through continued support on technical and promotional aspects. We help our clients with solving technical issues and advising products that will solve their problems or even better, products that will prevent their issues from happening in the first place.

ARDINA also provides an easy entry into the automotive chemical market for newcomers by maintaining attractive and low minimum order quantities. This way your business can start off small and expand the quantities as you expand your sales channels and increase your client portfolio. However, we are also very well able to deliver huge quantities. We regularly ship full 40 ft. containers all over the world. And because we work with the best transporters we always aim for obtaining the best transport prices for our clients. Ofcourse you also have the option to arrange your own transportation.

ARDINA Marketing

Next to technical and logistical services we also offer our clients support on promoting ARDINA products in the local markets. For example by supporting you in creating folders, posters or other promotional items. We can deliver pre-setup files, which you can fully customise according to your needs.